Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone ‘steals’ your identity and uses it to access your account, take out loans or purchase goods or services in your name. Minimise your chances of identity theft.

Being a victim of identity theft can leave your credit history in tatters and take years to resolve.

Take these steps to help minimise the chances of this happening to you:

  • Carry as little personal information as possible in case of loss or theft
  • Place a padlock on your letterbox to guard against theft
  • Carefully dispose of any correspondence that contains personal information, including statements, bills, registration papers and licence renewals
  • Keep a list of items carried in your wallet to allow you to quickly notify the police or relevant institutions if your wallet is stolen
  • If you haven’t received regular or expected mail, check with the post office to make sure that your mail hasn’t been redirected

If you think someone has stolen your identity, or your personal information has been compromised, contact People's Choice Credit Union immediately.

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