Card and Cheque Security

Card and Cheque Security

While they can make organising your accounts simple, there are a few precautions you should take with your cards and cheque books:


  • Memorise your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and never write it down
  • Don’t tell anyone your PIN – if you’d prefer for someone else to have access to your account, make them a signatory
  • Use your PIN for Visa 'credit' purchase transactions at participating retailers
  • Place your hand over the keypad when you are entering your PIN
  • Use payWave where you can so that your card never leaves your control
  • Keep all receipts in a safe place or destroy them appropriately (you can request a receipt for all transactions including small ticket items and payWave)
  • Never let your card out of your sight during a transaction
  • Sign a new card as soon as you receive it
  • When using an ATM, make sure you take your card, receipt and cash with you
  • Destroy your cards when they expire

If you’re travelling overseas, provide People's Choice Credit Union with your contact details so we can check on any suspect transactions.

All our Visa Debit and Visa Credit cards have the latest smart chip technology which is virtually impossible to copy, which provides an unrivalled level of protection against counterfeiting, card skimming and other fraudulent use. People’s Choice also provide a fraud protection service to members free of charge which monitors transactions to detect unusual activity, suspicious transactions and block the card if necessary. People's Choice uses Verified by Visa (VbV) to help protect you while shopping with your card online.

Cheque books

  • Never pre-sign cheques
  • Don’t give your cheque book to others
  • Always use a pen to write your cheques, instead of a pencil
  • Always cross cheques with ‘not negotiable’
  • If sending cheques through the mail, use a plain envelope rather than one with a window

 For more information or if you have any questions call us on 13 11 82 or visit your nearest branch.

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