Counterfeit cards and skimming

Skimming is the term used for the unauthorised capture of card details when using an ATM or EFTPOS terminal.

The card details are then transferred over to a counterfeit card and used to access your account without your knowledge.

Skimming devices can be fitted to the front of ATMs or kept out of view and used by shop staff. They may even be attached to phone lines if data is not correctly encrypted.

While all new and renewal Visa cards are now embedded with a security chip, making cards virtually impossible to copy, you should still note the tips below.

  • Never use an ATM you think may have been tampered with
  • Make sure there is not a ‘card reader’ or skimming device fitted to the front of the machine
  • Keep your card in sight at all times when making EFTPOS transactions
  • Use payWave where you can so that your card never leaves your control
  • Cover your PIN when entering it into a terminal

If for any reason you believe an ATM appears as though it has been tampered with, or if you think your card details or personal information has been compromised, contact us immediately.

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