Phishing email and vishing phone calls

Phishing emails and vishing phone calls seem like legitimate requests from People's Choice Credit Union, or any other financial institution, asking you to confirm your personal details or password.

These phone calls and emails are fraudulent and may direct you to websites that will capture your personal details in order to access your account or steal your identity.

To prevent this from happening, never click on any links or attachments in these emails. They may also download a virus or install malicious software on your computer.

No reputable company will ask for your account or card details via email or phone. 

People's Choice will never call or email you to ask for confirmation of your password, PIN or account details. We will never send an email containing a link to our Internet Banking page or request that you verify your account status. This excludes genuine Pay Easy transactions. Genuine Pay Easy transactions will issue a message (either via SMS or email, depending on which the sender selects) to notify the recipient a payment has been made and provide URL details for the Collection website in which the recipient’s account details will be requested. To enhance security it is encouraged that members follow these precautions:

  1. Ensure the notification was expected i.e. the recipient knew to expect the payment
  2. The collection (payment) code is received from the known sender
  3. The URL details for the Collection website are exactly as detailed on the People’s Choice website

Be wary of any phone calls of this nature and emails with links from unknown senders, and delete any unsolicited emails immediately, without responding.

If you believe your details may have been compromised by a vishing phone call or a phishing email contact us immediately.

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