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Apps and Mobile and Tablet Friendly Design 

For users who cannot upgrade their browser, the website’s mobile responsive design means it can be easily and optimally accessed by tablet or mobile phone.

Members can also access mobile banking by downloading the People’s Choice app for Android or iPhone.

Upgrade Your Browser

Users running some older browsers will need to upgrade their web browsers. Here’s information on how to upgrade and all the relevant links:

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    Internet Explorer

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    If you're using Windows XP, you can’t upgrade any further with Internet Explorer but you can upgrade to a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

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    Google Chrome

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    Mozilla Firefox

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Browsers Supported by the New Internet Banking



Not Supported

Internet Explorer 8 and below



Internet Explorer 9



Internet Explorer 10



Internet Explorer 11



Latest version-1  Mozilla Firefox (Desktop)



Latest Version -1  Google Chrome (Desktop)



iOS Safari (iPhone and iPad running iOS7)



iOS Safari (iPhone and iPad running iOS6)



Android Default Browser (Mobile and Tablet)



Latest version-1  Android Google Chrome (Mobile and Tablet)




  1. Visitors to the existing Internet Banking will be shown a message that their browser is not supported if they are running Internet Explorer 8.
  2. There are some supported Android devices with default browsers refer to the list below:
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Samsung Nexus